Alkira Consulting was launched to help organizations get better results for their project and program management investments.
Based in Munich, with broad international experience, we focus on solving the common challenges faced by business-critical programs that prevent success such as:

  • My program is significantly delayed and at risk of failure. What are the root causes and what needs to be done to turn it around?
  • How do I secure the major investments that have been made on the program?
  • What are the most common reasons for project failure and how can they be avoided?
  • Where can I find experienced program managers to drive my program to a successful result?

Recent research from the Project Management Institute1 found that for every US$1 billion invested in projects, organizations risk losing an average of US$135 million. Furthermore, high performing organizations risk losing 14 times less than low performing organizations.

Therefore we focus on 3 areas to support organizations in realizing the value of their project and program management investments and avoid substantial losses.

  • Program Recovery – When a recovery is undertaken the results can be highly successful with one survey2 finding that almost 75% of projects that underwent recovery intervention managed to recover the project. Our experience confirms that in most cases a Project or Program Recovery can achieve a successful result.

  • Program Assurance – More than 2/3 of projects have been found to be either failed or challenged, with less than 1/3 considered successful3. Furthermore, large projects carry an increased likelihood of failure. Independent Program Assurance is designed to improve the chance of success through improved transparency and avoiding the most common pitfalls that prevent success.

  • Program Delivery – People are key. The right Program / Project Manager can provide confidence to the customer and to the team while ensuring discipline in implementing the plan. Too often organizations settle on who is available rather than who is the best candidate.